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As an “early Aries,” I adore the early spring, a time when thawing is happening and all the potential energy is yearning to be released. It is somewhat fitting that my album I’ve been working on for a year naturally finished gestation at this time, and is ready to be born!

With this pre-order you will receive 2 new tracks now, and then the full download on March 15!

About the two tracks released now: Stitches is a reflection on grief and loss. I wrote it on tour in Vermont on Halloween 2016. I was staying across the street from a cemetery and was spending time there, and staying in houses built in the 1700s. I began having vivid dreams of dear departed (including my animal companion who had passed a year before), as well as others I’d cared for towards the end of their lives. Autumn, especially the end of October, is a time in several cultures when the spirits of those we’ve lost are thought to be closer within our psychic reach.

First World Optimism was the first song I wrote on this album. I wrote it in the beginning of 2016 when, among the migrant crisis, rampant police murdering of Black folks, and the growth of new right fascism, many people were offering me unsolicited advice that things “would end up okay,” without any acknowledgement that something might be required of us. For many people who have been lucky and/or systematically privileged with peace and relative freedom in their lives, I believe it is easy to slip into a bystander mentality where you have opinions about current events but never get engaged in working to shape the world or address injustice. That’s not optimism, it’s complacency. this song was included on two complications: Rhinoceritus: Voices in Dissent from Ladyz in Noyz, and Bandits Never Die Compilation 1.

Knotted Orbits cover design by Nicole Sara Simpkins



Pre-Order Knotted Orbits

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