Knotted Orbits

Knotted Orbits is hereby released, on Bandits Never Die and Broadwing Records!

Tapes coming soon.


Songs written in from 2015-2017.

Knotted Orbits-Inspired by irregular moons and their strange orbit patterns, unseen unless traced, revealing the knots.
Our movements through the world gravitate around what’s important to us, what illuminates our consciousness like the sun, the Jupiter-like giants we have gotten used to revolving around, or perhaps we just got scooped up by forces larger than ourselves on our way through the universe. Our paths cross with others, their gravity affects and can change our course, depending how close we get. At any one time, we are in relation to so many other bodies, and there are periods of retrograde (confusion, misunderstanding, conflict), and of resolution (understanding, clarity, love).

So may thanks to: Merlin Mackenzie, Chase Czolgosz, Resundra, Sina Yz, TJ Minich, Strangeweather, and Aradia. Thanks to Kris Peterson for the last minute album-saving software and enduring support, to “wind beneath my Broadwings” Shannon Murray and Adhamh Roland, Sahatjian//Anderson families, Louise Erdrich and Peter Fraser for inspirational writings, Nicole Sara Simpkins for the amazing artwork, all my friends (yes, you!), and everyone who comes out to shows and supports DIY music. XOXO


released March 15, 2018

Brenna Sahatjian: acoustic guitar, cello, singing, looping
TJ Minich: Bass Guitar, percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sina Youssefzadeh at Blackfire Audio
except for The Thistle, recorded by Brenna, mixed and mastered by Sina Youssefzadeh.
Artwork by Nicole Simpkins of Scylla and Circe Press
All songs written by Brenna Sahatjian


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