Bee Sahatji is the solo work of Brenna Sahatjian. She makes original, layered music on cello, dulcimer, and guitar, creating a space of sonic and lyrical complexity with her music. She sings about social justice, personal stories, dreams, anti-capitalism and re-enchantment with the natural world. She is a published poet (Broken Word: Alberta Street Anthology Volume II ) and has written two zines of poetry, Buried Alive and Something Wretched Becomes Beautiful. She has toured all over the US (sometimes on a bicycle!) and her songs often touch on her solo adventures. Her lyrical voice is also shaped by her work over the years on prisoner support, forest defense, youth mentorship, and as a mental health social worker.

Current projects include:

Strangeweather is a Portland, OR based doomfolk four piece band. (Like Shadows in Grey Rivers 2013, Self-Titled 2015)

Aradia is a Portland, OR based chamber post-rock band. (Demo, 2015)

Past Projects include:

Slow Teeth was a Portland, OR based folk-punk band 2008-2011. (Wooden Eyes 2010, The World Is Clearly Ending 2012)

Lightnin’ Seed is Brenna Sahatjian and Mark Gunnery. They sing songs about herbs, storms, and natural phenomena. They are both members of the Riot Folk Collective and are DIY herbalists, artists, and writers. (Musica Millefolium 2011)

Riotfolk was a collective of radical organizers, songwriters, and folksingers. 2004-2010. (Crude But Lucid 2005, To Each Idle Arrow 2006, Dream Warriors 2007, A Mingling of Freak Phenomena 2009, Things You Can’t Keep 2009).



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